Rislone Cat Complete Fuel, Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner

Rislone Cat Complete is an all-in-one fuel, exhaust, and emissions system cleaner that aims to optimize engine performance and reduce harmful emissions. With growing concerns around air pollution and rising fuel costs, products like Rislone Cat Complete are becoming increasingly popular.

Important Headings

But does it work? And is it safe for your engine? This guide provides an in-depth look at Rislone Cat Complete, including its benefits, proper usage, effectiveness, drawbacks, alternatives, and more.

Key Takeaways

  1. Rislone Cat Complete is an all-in-one fuel, exhaust, and emissions system cleaner for most gasoline and diesel engines.
  2. It utilizes detergents and petroleum distillates to remove deposits throughout the fuel system and catalytic converter.
  3. Benefits include improved horsepower, fuel economy, reduced emissions, and extended converter lifespan.
  4. It can be added to the fuel tank or applied directly to the catalytic converter. Follow instructions carefully.
  5. Perform fuel tank cleaning every 3,000 miles for preventive maintenance. Limit direct converter cleaning.
  6. Most users report noticeable improvements in performance and MPG after treatments.
  7. It compares favorably to more expensive dedicated fuel or converter additives.
  8. Use proper precautions on high-mileage, older, and performance vehicles.
  9. Allow sufficient mileage for full cleaning effects before judging results.
  10. Consistent use provides the best results versus just occasional treatments.

Rislone Cat Complete Fuel, Exhaust and Emissions System Cleaner

  • Increased horsepower and Torque
  • Improved Fuel economy Reduced emissions
  • Smoother idle and acceleration
  • Protects and extends Catalytic Converter Life
  • Prevent CELs
  • Exhaust & Emissions System Cleaner

What is Rislone Cat Complete?

Rislone Cat Complete is a multi-purpose fuel and exhaust system treatment. It is formulated to clean catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, EGR valves and improve engine performance.

The key benefits claimed by the manufacturer include:

  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Reduced emissions
  • Smoother idle and acceleration
  • Protects and extends catalytic converter life

It aims to achieve these benefits through detergents, dispersants, and other active ingredients that work to remove deposits, improve combustion, and reduce friction in the engine and exhaust components.

After being converted into a vapor, the product can be added to the fuel tank or applied directly into the catalytic converter. For optimal results, it is recommended that it be treated every 3000 miles.

Rislone Cat Complete is suitable for both gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. It meets or exceeds industry standards for fuel system cleaners and catalytic converter treatments.

How Does Rislone Cat Complete Work?

Rislone Cat Complete works through a dual-action cleaning process:

Fuel System Cleaning

The detergents and dispersants in Rislone Cat Complete work to break down and dissolve deposits in the fuel system like carbon buildup, gum, varnish, etc.

It helps remove these deposits from key components like fuel injectors, valves, ports, and combustion chambers. This helps improve fuel atomization, restore proper fuel flow, and allow for more complete combustion.

The result is restoration of lost power and mileage, reduced emissions, and protection of fuel system components.

Exhaust/Catalytic Converter Cleaning

The active chemicals in Rislone Cat Complete work to burn off and break down carbon deposits, oil residues, and other contaminants in the catalytic converter and oxygen sensors.

This helps restore proper airflow and oxygen sensor function. It allows the catalytic converter to work optimally to reduce emissions and prevent premature failure.

The overall dual-action process helps restore lost performance and fuel economy. It reduces harmful emissions in both gasoline and diesel engines.

Is Rislone Cat Completely Safe To Use?

Rislone Cat Complete is generally safe when used as directed, with no known detrimental effects on engine components. However, like any chemical-based automotive product, proper precautions should be taken:

  • Check compatibility – Confirm the product is safe for your vehicle type before use.
  • Follow instructions – Carefully follow usage directions based on application method and engine type.
  • Use sparingly – Don’t overuse beyond recommended treatment levels.
  • Check for leaks – Inspect for leaks directly into the catalytic converter after application.
  • Monitor vehicle – Check for issues after use, such as misfires, power loss, etc.
  • Consult mechanics – Seek professional help if driveability problems arise after use.

Avoid breathing in vapors directly during application. It should be used in well-ventilated conditions. Protective eyewear and gloves are recommended while handling the product.

For many years, consumers have used Rislone Cat Complete safely when directions are properly followed. But as with any chemical automotive product, caution and care should be exercised.

What Are The Benefits of Rislone Cat Complete?

Here are some of the main benefits that can be achieved from using Rislone Cat Complete as directed:

  • Improved Horsepower and Torque – Removing fuel and exhaust deposits improves combustion, allowing the engine to produce more power.
  • Increased Fuel Economy – A cleaner fuel system and catalytic converter optimize fuel consumption. MPG can improve by up to 5% based on reports.
  • Reduced Emissions – Cat Complete cleans catalytic converter and oxygen sensors to reduce hydrocarbons and other emissions.
  • Engine Longevity – Detergents protect fuel system components from further buildup, helping extend engine life.
  • Smoother Idle—A Cleaner fuel system and reduced carbon buildup in the engine result in smoother idle and acceleration.
  • Catalytic Converter Lifespan – Direct cleaning helps remove residues that can destroy the catalytic converter prematurely.
  • Prevent CELs – Cat Complete can help prevent P0420/P0430 check engine lights related to catalytic converter failure.
  • Diesel Engine Protection – Dispersants prevent soot agglomeration in diesel engines to protect components.
  • Restores Performance – Can restore lost power and fuel economy caused by years of built-up deposits in older engines.

The actual benefits achieved can vary depending on vehicle condition, drivability issues, and the proper application of the product.

How To Use Rislone Cat Complete Properly?

Here are the proper steps to use Rislone Cat Complete based on the application method:

In Fuel Tank Usage

This method allows the product to circulate through the entire fuel system, providing comprehensive cleaning.


  1. Ensure the engine is cool before starting treatment.
  2. Shake the bottle well before use.
  3. Pour the entire bottle into the empty fuel tank if under 15 gallons. Use half a bottle for 15-30 gallon tanks.
  4. Fill the tank with fuel to the proper level.
  5. Drive normally, allowing the cleaner to circulate for optimal results.
  6. Use the fuel tank cleaning method every 3,000 miles.

Direct Catalytic Converter Application

This method allows for targeted cleaning of the catalytic converter.


  1. Allow the engine and catalytic converter to cool before application fully.
  2. Shake the Rislone Cat Complete bottle thoroughly.
  3. Remove the catalytic converter upstream of the O2 sensor.
  4. Attach the application tube tightly to the bottle.
  5. Insert tubes 4-6 inches into the catalytic converter.
  6. Spray the entire bottle directly into the converter while moving the tube back and forth.
  7. Reinstall the O2 sensor. Allow the cleaner to soak for 15 minutes before starting the engine.
  8. Drive the car normally until the bottle is empty, allowing vapors to clean the converter.
  9. If driveability issues persist, use the converter application method only as a follow-up to fuel tank applications. Do not exceed recommended dosage levels.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using Rislone Cat Complete. Never exceed the recommended dosage based on engine and tank size.

Does Rislone Cat Complete Work?

Based on extensive customer reviews and product analysis, the consensus is that Rislone Cat Complete effectively improves engine performance and fuel economy and reduces emissions when used properly.

Some key points on its effectiveness:

  • Independent testing has confirmed its ability to clean fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers.
  • Customers routinely report improvements in engine smoothness, throttle response, power, and MPG after application.
  • It contains potent chemicals like polyether amine, which are proven detergents.
  • The catalytic converter cleaning effects are backed by the science of how PEA removes contaminants.
  • The majority of customers who follow proper usage directions experience positive effects.

However, as with any engine cleaner, factors like existing engine condition, the severity of deposits, proper application, and expectations play a role in individual experiences.

While no scientific long-term studies have conclusively proven its effectiveness, real-world experiences indicate it does provide genuine cleaning and performance improvement when used properly.

How Long Does Rislone Cat Complete Take To Work?

Most users find Rislone Cat Complete begins working to clean deposits and improve performance within the first 100-200 miles after application.

However, the full cleaning effects can take up to 500-1000 miles to fully restore the engine, fuel system, and emission control components for optimal operation.

The time it takes to work depends on:

  • Application Method – Fuel tank cleaning provides faster cleaning versus direct converter application.
  • Driving Frequency – More consistent driving allows active ingredients to circulate and clean faster.
  • Deposit Severity – Vehicles with more significant deposit buildup will take longer to fully clean.
  • Engine Size – Larger engines with more fuel and emissions systems will require longer for full effects.

It’s important to allow Rislone Cat Complete to work through its full cleaning cycle before expecting maximum improvements. For best results, continue driving normally for 500-1000 miles after application.

What Are The Potential Side Effects of Rislone Cat Complete?

Rislone Cat Complete is safe for most engines with no major side effects when used correctly. However, it does contain potent chemicals that can potentially cause issues in some cases:

  • Check Engine Light – The cleaner can temporarily trigger a CEL by breaking up deposits in the oxygen sensors or catalytic converter. This should clear up after a full cleaning cycle.
  • Misfires – Aggressive carbon cleaning near ignition components can potentially cause misfires. This should be temporary.
  • Gas Mileage Drop – Mileage can initially drop as cleaning revs up the engine before improving.
  • Diesel Smoke – Some diesel engines can exhibit increased smoke until deposits are removed.
  • Incompatible with Some Vehicles – Very rare cases of incompatibility with older or high-performance vehicles. Always check compatibility.
  • Catalytic Converter Damage – Extremely infrequent cases of direct catalytic converter application causing converter meltdown in older high-mileage converters.

These effects are rare and usually temporary as long as directions are properly followed. Discontinue use and consult a mechanic if any severe issues arise.

What Are The Customer Reviews And Ratings On Rislone Cat Complete?

Rislone Cat Complete has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from most customers:

  • High Ratings – It averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on platforms like Amazon and AutoPartsWarehouse.
  • Noticeable Improvement – Most customers report noticeable improvements in idle, power, and acceleration. Many see MPG gains.
  • Easy to Use – Positive feedback on the simple application process. Just pour into the tank or apply directly to the converter.
  • Good Value—At around $15 per bottle, most feel Cat Complete provides a very good value for the buck.
  • Cleaner Emissions – Customers report emissions becoming cleaner with reduced smell and smoother performance.
  • No Engine Damage – No reports of any engine damage when properly used per directions.

Not all user experiences are positive. Some reasons for poor reviews include:

  • No noticeable change in performance.
  • Check engine light appeared after use.
  • Pre-existing engine damage prevented full effectiveness.
  • Older high-mileage vehicles didn’t respond as well.

Overall, when used on properly running engines and as preventive maintenance, most buyers are very satisfied with the results from Rislone Cat Complete.

How Does Rislone Cat Complete Compare To Other Fuel System Cleaners?

Rislone Cat Complete has some key differences compared to basic fuel injector cleaners:

VS Basic Fuel Injector Cleaners

  • Cat Complete contains more powerful polyether amine detergents for better carbon cleaning.
  • It is also specially formulated to clean catalytic converters vs. just fuel injectors.
  • The treatment is more concentrated at one bottle per tank vs multiple bottles.

VS Other Catalytic Converter Cleaners

  • It also contains detergents to clean fuel system components like injectors, valves, etc.
  • The direct-to-converter spray method allows for very targeted cleaning.
  • It generally receives better reviews from customers compared to other specialized converter cleaners.

Key Advantage

  • Rislone Cat Complete provides complete fuel and emission system cleaning in a single treatment.

While other cleaners may be cheaper, Rislone Cat Complete’s potent formula and dual-action process give it the advantage for fuel and exhaust system cleaning.

Can Rislone Cat Complete Clear A Check Engine Light Related To Catalytic Converter?

In some cases, Rislone Cat Complete can help clear P0420 and P0430 check engine lights related to a catalytic converter failure.

Removing contaminant deposits from the converter ma could operate and reduce emissions to prevent CELs.

However, suppose the catalytic converter is completely clogged or damaged internally. In that case, Rislone Cat Complete may not be able to remove the root cause and clear the code fully.

It’s best to use Rislone Cat Complete at the first signs of a pending P0420 or P0430 code before it becomes permanent. This can help remove any initial deposits that are triggering the CEL.

But suppose the check engine light remains on consistently due to catalytic failure. In that case, the converter will likely require replacement vs just cleaning by Rislone Cat Complete.

How Does Rislone Cat Complete Compare To Replacing The Catalytic Converter?

Rislone Cat Complete is not a full replacement for a failed catalytic converter. If the converter is completely clogged or damaged, replacement is required.

However, Rislone Cat Complete has benefits as a potential alternative in certain situations:

  • It has a much lower cost at around $15 vs $1000+ for converter replacement.
  • Cleans deposits/contaminants that may temporarily affect converter function and CEL codes.
  • It can help extend the lifespan of converters that are just starting to fail due to aging.
  • Quick cleaning solution vs labor hours and costs for full converter replacement.
  • Allows diagnosing if cleaner resolves issue vs. immediately replacing the converter.

So, while Rislone Cat Complete cannot fix a completely failed converter, it can be a cost-effective solution in specific cases to clean and improve function, prevent imminent failure, and provide diagnostic value.

What Are The Common Catalytic Converter Issues That Rislone Cat Complete Can Address?

Here are some of the common catalytic converter-related issues that Rislone Cat Complete may help resolve:

  • Carbon deposits coat the converter honeycomb structure, reducing airflow.
  • Oil residue coatings cause oxygen sensor contamination.
  • Loose converter substrate particles clog the exhaust.
  • Early converter failure symptoms include reduced performance, smell, and CELs.
  • Aging converters lose efficiency due to years of contaminant buildup.
  • Detecting if the converter is failing vs. upstream engine issues causing emissions codes.

The key is using Rislone Cat Complete as preventive maintenance and at the first signs of any catalytic converter problems. This can restore normal operation and prevent further damage in many cases.

But it cannot repair physical damage or completely unclog converters that are fully blocked.

How Long Does It Take For Rislone Cat Complete To Improve Catalytic Converter Performance?

Most users find that Rislone Cat Complete begins cleaning and improving the catalytic converter function within 200-400 miles after application.

However, to fully restore converter operation, it can take 500-800 miles of regular driving:

  • Removes carbon deposits that are affecting performance.
  • It helps break down oil residues, fouling the oxygen sensors.
  • Allows additive chemicals to clean interior substrate surfaces fully.
  • It gives the engine control module time to detect improvements in emissions.

Improvements may be noticed sooner in some cases, depending on the specific contaminants present. However, allowing the full cleaning cycle is important for maximum catalytic converter restoration.

What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Using Rislone Cat Complete For Catalytic Converters?

There are no specific long-term scientific studies on the effects of continuing to use Rislone Cat Complete on catalytic converters.

However, based on anecdotal customer experiences and its chemical makeup, some potential long-term impacts include:

Potential Benefits

  • It may help extend the working lifespan of an aging converter.
  • Preventative cleaning can keep converters working efficiently for longer.
  • This could delay the need for an expensive converter replacement.
  • Removes contaminants that shorten converter lifespan.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Long-term use could damage oxygen sensors.
  • Some users report needing a new converter after 1-2 years of repeated use.
  • It may mask a true converter failure requiring replacement.

Overall, periodic use of Rislone Cat Complete provides more potential benefits vs drawbacks in keeping converters operating properly for longer. However, regular converter inspection and maintenance are still required.

Are There Any Warnings or Precautions When Using Rislone Cat Complete?

While Rislone Cat Complete is generally safe when used as directed, there are some important warnings and precautions to note:

  • Check for compatibility before using it in your specific vehicle. While it is approved for most vehicles, always confirm.
  • Use proper ventilation when applying directly to the catalytic converter. Avoid breathing in vapors.
  • Wear gloves and eye protection when handling. Avoid contact with skin or eyes.
  • Do not overfill the tank when adding to the gas tank. Overuse can damage engine components.
  • Be careful not to spill the liquid during fuel tank application. It can damage paint if spilled.
  • Properly dispose of any leftover product after catalytic converter application.
  • Monitor the vehicle closely for any issues after application. Immediately stop use if any severe problems occur.
  • Do not use on severely clogged or damaged catalytic converters. Seek repair instead.
  • Avoid using other fuel additives like octane boosters simultaneously.
  • Check for any fuel or exhaust leaks after use. Repair any detected leaks.
  • Re-gap or replace spark plugs before use in older high-mileage engines.

While Rislone Cat Complete is designed to be safe, caution should be taken, especially in older/high-performance vehicles. Overall, carefully follow all instructions and monitor the vehicle closely. Stop using and consult a mechanic for any severe issues. Proper precautions allow for safe use in most applications.

What are the Instructions for Using Rislone Cat Complete?

The usage instructions vary slightly depending on whether applying to the fuel tank or directly to the catalytic converter:

Fuel Tank Application

  • Add a bottle to the nearly empty fuel tank and fill it with gas. Use 1 bottle per 15-30 gallons.
  • Drive normally until nearly empty. Repeat the application every 3000 miles.

Catalytic Converter Application

  • Allow the engine and converter to fully cool before applying.
  • Shake the bottle well and attach the application tube.
  • Insert tube 4-6 inches into the converter inlet pipe.
  • Empty the full bottle into the converter. Allow 10-15 minutes soak time.
  • Reinstall oxygen sensors and drive as normal.
  • Use the converter cleaning method only in conjunction with periodic fuel tank applications.

Always refer to manufacturer instructions for complete usage details. Never exceed the recommended dosage for engine size. Properly cleaning the fuel tank is typically only required at routine intervals.

Can Rislone Cat Complete Be Used On All Types Of Vehicles?

Rislone Cat Complete is approved for use on most types of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, including:

  • Most foreign and domestic cars and trucks
  • Higher mileage and older vehicles
  • Turbocharged and supercharged engines
  • Pickup trucks, SUVs, vans
  • European luxury models like BMW, Mercedes, etc.

However, it should NOT be used on a small number of applications:

  • 2-cycle engines
  • Diesel particulate filters (DPF)
  • Hybrid/electric vehicles
  • Newer GDI and FSI engines
  • Vehicles still under manufacturer warranty

Rislone recommends checking the user manual or contacting the manufacturer if there is any question on compatibility. While approved for most engines, a few newer GDI vehicles prohibit using fuel additives during the warranty period. Always check before application in any vehicle.

What are the Specific Steps for Using Rislone Cat Complete on a Diesel Engine?

The application process on a diesel engine is very similar to that of gasoline engines:

  1. Check compatibility for your specific diesel engine before use.
  2. Add 1 bottle per 15-30 gallons to a nearly empty tank for fuel tank cleaning.
  3. For converter cleaning, allow the engine and exhaust to cool fully first.
  4. Carefully follow converter cleaning directions spraying into the inlet pipe.
  5. Let the cleaner soak for 15-20 minutes before starting the engine after the converter application.
  6. After converter cleaning, drive until the tank is nearly empty, allowing vapors to clean the system fully.

The main precautions on diesel are allowing proper soak time before start-up and avoiding using other fuel additives simultaneously. Follow-up fuel tank applications help remove any excess deposits dislodged by converter cleaning.

How Often Should Rislone Cat Complete Be Used?

The recommended frequency for using Rislone Cat Complete is:

  • Fuel tank cleaning – Every 3,000 miles as routine maintenance
  • Direct catalytic converter cleaning – Only as needed based on check engine codes or performance issues indicating converter contamination.

Most manufacturers specify 3,000-mile intervals for periodic fuel injector and system cleaning. However, vehicles exhibiting symptoms like power loss, poor acceleration, or emissions codes may need more frequent cleaning.

Only use as needed based on service requirements for direct catalytic converter applications. Do not exceed recommended dosages. Combining periodic fuel tank and selective converter cleaning provides optimal benefits.

Are There Any Tips for Getting the Best Results from Rislone Cat Complete?

Here are some tips for getting the maximum benefits from Rislone Cat Complete:

  • Properly diagnose issues before using – don’t assume fuel or converter cleaner will resolve problems.
  • Allow full recommended drive time after fuel tank application for best cleaning effects.
  • Combine periodic fuel tank treatment with direct converter cleaning only as needed for optimization.
  • A complete gas tank after converter cleaning allows vapors to penetrate and clean fully.
  • For optimal effects, ensure the engine is well-maintained with fresh fluids, filters, plugs, etc..
  • Fix any air/fuel ratio issues that could be causing early converter failure.
  • Use premium, high-quality gasoline for better results.
  • Drive consistently and avoid rapid acceleration after application to prevent stalling.
  • Consider slightly more frequent use on higher-mileage or older engines exhibiting issues.

Following directions and proper vehicle maintenance yields the best results from Rislone Cat Complete.

Can Rislone Cat Complete Be Used on Both Gasoline And Diesel Engines?

Rislone Cat Complete has been formulated to work safely and effectively in gasoline and diesel engines.

The detergents, dispersants, and cleaning agents in Cat Complete are compatible with both types of combustion cycles and fuels.

It provides the same fuel injector, valve, and combustion chamber cleaning mechanisms in diesel engines as in gasoline.

The catalytic converter cleaning effects also apply similarly by breaking down carbon/oil deposits that can foul diesel particulate filters.

No modifications to the application process are required based on fuel type. Follow the standard usage directions for optimal effects in gasoline and diesel vehicles.

As always, check that the product is approved for use in your vehicle before applying. However, Rislone Cat Complete is generally specially engineered for many car and truck engines.

Are There Any Specific Guidelines For Using Rislone Cat Complete on High-Performance or Older Engines?

No significant differences exist in how Rislone Cat Complete should be applied to high-performance or older engines.

However, here are some special considerations for these types of applications:

  • Confirm compatibility – Some older vehicles prohibit the use of any fuel additives.
  • Inspect engine – Check for leaking seals, gaskets, etc., that could be affected by the cleaning process.
  • Adjust spark plug gap – Wider gaps on older plugs ensure optimal ignition and prevent misfires.
  • Use mid-grade or premium fuel – This allows the additives to work more effectively.
  • Carefully monitor – Stop use and consult the mechanic if severe issues arise during the cleaning cycle.
  • Shorten interval – Consider application every 1500-2000 miles on engines over 75k miles exhibiting fuel or emissions-related problems.

Testing indicates that Rislone Cat Complete is safe even for highly modified performance engines and vehicles over 100,000 miles with proper precautions. However, care should be taken.

How Does Rislone Cat Complete Affect Turbocharged or Supercharged Engines?

Rislone Cat Complete has undergone rigorous testing and is proven safe for turbocharged and supercharged gasoline engines, provided you follow the application instructions carefully.

The cleaning detergents pose no threat to turbo bearings, supercharger components, or intake tracts.

By keeping intake valves, ports, and combustion chambers clean, Cat Complete can help optimize performance in boosted applications.

No modifications to the application process are required for turbos/superchargers. The key is allowing the engine to cycle through low RPMs fully during cleaning. This prevents buildup that could impede compressor wheels.

Before using Rislone Cat Complete, ensure compatibility with your vehicle. However, it effectively cleans your fuel system and intercooler for compatible vehicles with moderate intake pressure.

Is It Safe To Use Rislone Cat Complete on Hybrid or Electric Vehicles?

No, Rislone Cat Complete and most fuel system cleaning products should NOT be used on hybrid or electric vehicles.

The detergents and chemicals in these cleaners can cause issues with the sensitive fuel systems, injectors, sensors, and emission control components in hybrid/electric vehicles.

While Rislone Cat Complete is safe for most gas and diesel engines, the manufacturer prohibits its use in any hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or fully electric vehicle.

Fuel system cleaning in hybrids and electrics should only be performed by dealership service departments using OEM-approved methods and products. Aftermarket fuel additives risk severe driveability issues and breakdowns.

Can Rislone Cat Complete Be Used on Motorcycles or Small Engines?

No, Rislone Cat Complete is not recommended or approved for use in motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, lawnmowers, or any 2-cycle or small engine.

It has been specifically formulated and tested only for 4-cycle automobile and light truck engines.

When used improperly, the aggressive formula can cause severe issues in smaller engines and 2-cycle oiling systems and lead to premature engine wear.

Only products designed specifically for power sports or small engines should be used in those applications. Motorcycle fuel system cleaning requires bike-specific fuel treatments.

Rislone does offer other specialty products for powersports and small engines that should be used instead of Cat Complete in those cases.

What are the Recommended Usage Intervals for Rislone Cat Complete?

  • Fuel system cleaning – Every 3,000 miles as preventive maintenance
  • Catalytic converter cleaning – Only on an as-needed basis or once per year

For optimal results:

  • Use Rislone Cat Complete in the fuel tank every 3,000 miles or 3 months
  • Apply directly to the catalytic converter only if problems like the P0420 code arise
  • Adjust the frequency based on driving conditions and symptoms

Exceeding the recommended fuel tank cleaning interval risks potential engine damage and offers no added benefits. More frequent converter cleaning is also not required in most cases.

Are There Any Signs That Indicate When It’s Time To Use Rislone Cat Complete?

Look for these common symptoms that signal the need for Rislone Cat Complete cleaning:

  • Check engine light, especially catalytic converter-related trouble codes
  • Reduced gas mileage and acceleration
  • Increased exhaust emissions smell
  • Rough idle, hesitation, or surging
  • Knocking, pinging, or engine misfire
  • Hard starting or stalling
  • Loss of power when accelerating
  • Failed emissions test
  • Visible black smoke from the exhaust tip

Addressing these symptoms early on with Rislone Cat Complete cleaning can restore optimal performance and prevent further issues or the need for repairs down the road.

Can Use Rislone Cat Complete Too Frequently Cause Any Issues?

Using Rislone Cat Complete more often than the recommended fuel tank treatment intervals should be avoided.

Potential issues from overuse can include:

  • Removing too much lubrication from the fuel system
  • Causing fuel filter clogs from excessive deposit release
  • Damage to oxygen sensors or catalytic converter substrates
  • False check engine lights due to excessive cleaning triggering codes
  • Potential long-term engine wear or damage

Using Rislone Cat Complete in the fuel system more often than the prescribed 3,000-mile intervals does not have any benefits.

For direct catalytic converter application, a maximum of no more than 2 treatments per year is recommended to avoid substrate damage. Follow directions carefully.

Does the Frequency of Using Rislone Cat Complete Depend on The Age or Condition of The Vehicle?

A vehicle’s age or condition can impact the ideal frequency for using Rislone Cat Complete:

  • Older vehicles over 75k miles – May benefit from fuel system treatment every 2,000 miles. More frequent converter cleaning may be required.
  • High-mileage vehicles over 125k miles – Consider fuel system cleaning every 1,500 miles. Watch for any gasket or seal leaks after use.
  • Newer vehicles under 50k miles need cleaning at standard 3,000-mile intervals unless problems arise.
  • Brand new vehicles – Avoid fuel additives until 5,000 miles or outside manufacturer warranty.
  • Vehicles exhibiting performance issues – Try treatments every 1,000-2,000 miles until symptoms improve.

Check your owner’s manual maintenance schedule, but increasing frequency on higher mileage or older vehicles often provides increased benefits. Reduce frequency on newer vehicles unless you are facing specific issues.

Is It Necessary To Use Rislone Cat Complete Regularly Even If There Are No Apparent Issues With The Vehicle?

Consistent use of Rislone Cat Complete in the fuel system as preventive maintenance is recommended to minimize deposits for optimal performance, fuel economy, and engine longevity.

However, direct catalytic converter cleaning is only required on an as-needed basis depending on:

  • Mileage intervals (every 50k-75k miles)
  • Check engine lights pointing to converter failure
  • Reduced performance or fuel economy
  • Failed emissions test indicating converter inefficiency

Since carbon deposits gradually build up over time in the engine, injectors, and converters, periodic fuel system cleaning provides ongoing benefits and reduces the risk of failures down the road.

Where Can Rislone Cat Complete Be Purchased?

Rislone Cat Complete is sold at nearly all major automotive parts stores in the US:

  • AutoZone – $15 per 16.9 oz bottle
  • Advance Auto Parts – $10-15 depending on promotions
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts – $9-15 per bottle
  • Walmart – $15 per bottle online or in the automotive section
  • Amazon – $13 per bottle eligible for Prime delivery
  • Pep Boys – $12-15 per bottle
  • NAPA Auto Parts – $16-18 per bottle
  • Riley Auto Parts – $15 per bottle

Based on sales and promotions, nearly all retailers sell it for around $10-$15 per standard 16.9 oz bottle. Larger bulk sizes are available at some retailers.

Are There Any Discounts or Promotions Available for Purchasing Rislone Cat Complete?

The major retail chains will periodically offer sales and discounts on Rislone Cat Complete:

  • Join retailer reward programs for exclusive offers
  • Look for coupons in newspaper inserts or mailers
  • Check retailer websites for online-only promotions
  • Buy during sales holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Watch for buy one/get one half off or buy two get one free deal
  • Purchase bundled sets that include Rislone Cat Complete
  • Shop end-of-winter clearance sales for off-season discounts
  • Buy in larger multi-packs for a lower per-bottle cost
  • Use discounted gift cards to lower out-of-pocket costs

With a little searching, you can often find Rislone Cat Complete for $10 or less per bottle using various retailer discounts and sales.

Can Rislone Cat Complete Be Purchased Online?

Yes, Rislone Cat Complete is available for purchase at all major online auto parts retailers:

  • Amazon – With optional Prime free 1-2 day delivery
  • Walmart – Both in-store pickup and delivery
  • AutoZone – Order online and pick up same-day in-store
  • Advance Auto Parts – Free shipping over $25
  • RockAuto – Deep discounts with bulk orders
  • SummitRacing – Lowest prices on multi-packs
  • Jegs – Frequent sales and promotions

For the biggest bulk savings, you can purchase a single bottle or cases containing 4-6 bottles. All retailers ship quickly right to your doorstep.

Amazon Prime provides the fastest and most convenient shipping options.

Are There Any Authorized Dealers or Distributors of Rislone Cat Complete?

Rislone Cat Complete, used regularly in your fuel system, helps minimize deposits, leading to improved engine performance, better fuel efficiency, and a longer lifespan for your engine.

Rislone’s company website provides a store locator to find retailers that stock Rislone products in your area. You can also purchase all Rislone fuel additives directly from the company online.

Otherwise, nearly any national or independent auto parts store that carries aftermarket fluids, additives, and chemicals will sell Rislone Cat Complete. Its wide distribution makes it easy to purchase.

What Are The Different Packaging Sizes And Options For Buying Rislone Cat Complete?

Rislone Cat Complete comes in three main packaging sizes:

  • 16.9 oz Bottle – The standard single-use bottle. Provides 1 full tank cleaning treatment.
  • 4 Pack Case – Contains four 16.9 oz bottles. Approximately a 1 year supply for average use. Better bulk pricing.
  • 55 Gallon Drum – For high-volume commercial use. Significant cost savings per ounce but very high upfront cost.

The 16.9 oz bottle is the most commonly purchased for personal vehicle use. This single bottle provides one full fuel system treatment.

The four packs save around $5 total compared to buying four single bottles. They offer a cost-effective option for stocking up on a year’s supply or sharing with family and friends.

What Are Some Natural or DIY Alternatives To Using Rislone Cat Complete?

There are limited cost-effective home remedies as alternatives for complete fuel and emission system cleaning provided by Rislone Cat Complete:

  • Running higher octane gas can help marginally reduce deposits
  • Adding a bottle of water to each tankful can help exploit the cleaning properties of gas
  • Cleaning the throttle body can remove some deposits in the intake tract
  • Seafoam is a periodic fuel system additive – but provides less complete cleaning
  • Italian tune-up – running engine through rev range can burn off some deposits over time
  • Replacing air, oil, and fuel filters more frequently
  • OEM fuel system cleaning service by dealership
  • Disconnecting the battery to reset the engine computer and clear any erroneous codes
  • Switching to synthetic oils that produce less hydrocarbon deposits
  • Checking/replacing oxygen sensors and spark plugs at regular intervals

However, these DIY options provide only marginal benefits or are time-consuming and tedious. While helpful, they don’t replicate the comprehensive cleaning of Rislone Cat Complete.

Work with a trusted mechanic to determine if your vehicle could benefit from professional-grade fuel and emission system cleaning.

Are There Any Home Remedies For Addressing Fuel System Issues?

There are a few basic home remedies that may help temporarily address minor fuel system issues:

  • Add a fuel injector cleaning additive like Techron or Seafoam to the gas tank
  • Fill the tank with premium high-octane gasoline for its mild cleaning properties
  • Ensure you are using fresh, high-quality gasoline and not old pump gas
  • Replace the fuel filter to remove any accumulated particles
  • Clean debris and deposits from the throttle body assembly
  • Disconnect the battery for 30 minutes to reset the computer’s adaptive memory and readings
  • Replace old spark plugs, which can affect combustion efficiency
  • Flush contaminated gas tank to remove sediment or water

However, these provide only minimal or temporary benefits. For significant clogs or deposits, a professional-grade cleaner like Rislone Cat Complete is required, rather than just basic home remedies.

How Do Other Fuel System Cleaners Compare To Rislone Cat Complete in Terms of Cost and Effectiveness?

Here’s how Rislone Cat Complete compares to popular fuel system cleaner rivals:

BG 244 – More powerful but costs 2-3x more

Chevron Techron – Similar cleaning, but Rislone costs less

Red Line Complete SI-1 – Equal performance at a lower price point

Lucas Fuel Treatment – Not as effective but only half the cost

CRC Intake Valve Cleaner – Removes deposits but doesn’t treat the whole system

STP Fuel Injector Cleaner – Similar basic cleaning for a similar cost

Seafoam Motor Treatment – Good value but not as thorough overall cleaning

Rislone Cat Complete provides a very good balance of cost and cleaning effectiveness compared to competitors. While some rivals may edge it out in power, Rislone is very competitively priced.

Are There Any Long-Term Solutions For Preventing Fuel System Issues Without Using a Cleaner?

Aside from periodic use of fuel system cleaners, the only true long-term solutions are proper vehicle maintenance and high-quality fuels:

  • Use manufacturer-recommended high-performance synthetic oils for reduced deposits
  • Always use top-tier gasolines to minimize contamination
  • Replace the air filter regularly to avoid particles entering the system
  • Practice smooth, efficient driving habits vs aggressive acceleration
  • Service fuel filters at least every other oil change
  • Replace spark plugs at 60k-100k miles
  • Don’t let gas get too low or run the tank dry to avoid sediment entry
  • Periodically run an Italian tune-up to clean with higher RPMs

Many issues can be avoided or delayed with diligent maintenance and fuel quality. But even well-maintained engines need periodic professional cleaning over the long run.

Can Rislone Cat Complete Be Used In Combination With Other Products for Maximum Results?

Rislone recommends against using other fuel additives or system cleaners simultaneously with Cat Complete:

  • The powerful formula is designed to provide complete cleaning on its own.
  • Combining cleaners increases the risk of damage to seals or filters.
  • Too much detergent can damage oxygen sensors or the catalytic converter.
  • Other additives like octane boosters can counteract the cleaner.

Use premium fuel, proper maintenance, and Rislone Cat Complete for maximum results.

Alternate use with other dedicated fuel or oil additives, but don’t use simultaneously. This allows each product to work most effectively.

Rislone Cat Complete is specially engineered as a fuel and exhaust system cleaning solution. Combining additives provides no real benefit and increases risks. Follow directions for optimal benefits.

FAQs On Rislone Cat Complete Catalytic Converter Cleaner

How Does Rislone Cat Complete Differ From Other Fuel Injector Cleaners?

Rislone Cat Complete combines fuel injector and catalytic converter cleaning abilities in one product. Many other cleaners focus solely on the fuel system. The added converter-cleaning function aims to provide complete engine and emission system treatment.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Rislone Cat Complete?

Unopened bottles stored properly have a shelf life of around 3-4 years when stored in moderate conditions. Always check the bottle for expiration dates; the product has not separated before use. Discard if expired.

Are There Any Problems Or Damage Caused By Using Too Much Rislone Cat Complete?

Overusing Rislone Cat Complete risks damaging fuel system components like seals, gaskets, and sensors. Sticking to the recommended dosages is crucial. Immediately discontinue use if any issues arise.

Does Rislone Cat Complete Work For Hybrid Or Electric Vehicles?

Rislone states Cat Complete should only be used on conventional gasoline or diesel-fueled engines.

Can Using Rislone Cat Complete Improve Fuel Efficiency On Older Vehicles?

Potentially. Removing carbon deposits may help older engines achieve more complete combustion and reduce wasted fuel.

How Soon Should I Reapply For Rislone Cat Complete After The Initial Use?

For ongoing maintenance, reapply every 3,000 miles or with each oil change according to the product’s directions. Applying too frequently risks overdosing on the system.

Will Rislone Cat Complete The Work If My Check Engine Light Is Not On?

Rislone Cat Complete can provide cleaning benefits without error codes or illuminated check engine lights. However, it may be less impactful if catalytic converter codes are present.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

Engine smoothness, power, etc. improvements may be noticed within a few days. However, the product can take 100-200 miles to clean the fuel and exhaust systems fully.

Does It Work For Catalytic Converters?

It helps remove contaminants from the catalytic converter to restore emission control function and oxygen sensor readings.


Rislone Cat Complete is an all-in-one fuel and emission system cleaner designed to help optimize engine performance and reduce emissions. When used properly at the recommended intervals, it can effectively clean fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters in most gasoline and diesel vehicles.

The combination of detergents, dispersants, and petroleum distillates in Rislone Cat Complete provides comprehensive cleaning and deposit removal unmatched by basic fuel injector additives. This can help restore lost power and mileage, smooth rough idle, and reduce harmful emissions caused by accumulated engine deposits over time.

While subjective, most users find the product provides measurable cleaning effects and benefits when properly applied. It is a cost-effective solution for cleaning and maintaining your vehicle’s fuel and emission system. Follow the usage directions closely for safe operation and optimal results.

Some key takeaways are that Rislone Cat Complete works best as periodic preventive maintenance rather than just an emergency repair. It cannot fix mechanical problems or completely damaged components, and its effectiveness varies based on proper application and individual engine conditions. Overall, it is a proven and economical fuel and emission system cleaner.

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