10 Fast Facts about Ford F-150 Catalytic Converters

Number of Cats

Different year and engine combos have 1-3 converters, impacting performance and emissions.

Clean Machine

Reduce HC, CO, and NOx emissions by over 90% compared to uncontrolled vehicles.

Power Boost

Catalytic converters help engines burn fuel more efficiently, improving fuel economy.

Health Hero

Less air pollution = lower risk of respiratory illness, heart disease, and cancer.

Long Haul

Last 8-10 years or 80,000-100,000 miles with proper care.

Warning Signs

Reduced power, sulfur smell, rattling, failing emissions test all point to trouble.

DIY Dilemma

Can be replaced by skilled DIYers, but professionals have specialized tools and diagnostics.

Replacement Cost

Expect $600-$1200 depending on parts and labor.

Future Tech

Expect smaller, faster converters with stricter emission standards and particulate filters.

Stay Green

Keep your F-150 running clean and comply with emissions regulations by maintaining and replacing catalytic converters!