Top 10 Facts About Ford Bronco

Fact 1

The first national emissions regulations were enacted in the US in 1975, requiring catalytic converters on all new cars.

Fact 2

Early Bronco converters were single-bed oxidizing-only units. More advanced dual-bed converters appeared in 1980.

Fact 3

Federal law mandated closed-loop engine controls and oxygen sensors in 1981 to optimize converter function.

Fact 4

The most popular Bronco model was the 1978-1979 second generation edition. This had an upgraded emissions control system.

Fact 5

The last 1996 Bronco came equipped with advanced OBD-II diagnostics and precise fuel injection for emissions compliance.

Fact 6

Proper maintenance and operation can extend the lifespan of a Ford Bronco's OEM catalytic converter to over 100k miles.

Fact 7

Ford offers 3 years/36,000 miles converter warranties for government certified emissions parts like catalytic converters.

Fact 8

Ford introduce bronco Again in 2020

Fact 9

Features advanced high-efficiency 3-way catalytic converters

Fact 10

The current Bronco's emissions systems represent 50+ years of development since the original