Top 10 Facts About Toyota Corolla

Fact 1

The first Toyota Corolla in 1966 was one of the first cars with a catalytic converter.

Fact 2

Three-way catalytic converters became standard on Corollas in the late 1970s.

Fact 3

Proper maintenance can extend a Corolla catalytic converter's life to 100K miles or more.

Fact 4

Faulty converters reduce performance and fuel economy in Corollas.

Fact 5

Corolla converters contain rare precious metals like palladium, platinum, and rhodium.

Fact 6

Stolen Corolla converters can fetch $50-$700 at scrap yards depending on metals inside.

Fact 7

High-flow converters are popular performance upgrades but may violate emissions laws.

Fact 8

Corolla converters must meet EPA and CARB regulations to remain street legal.

Fact 9

Disabling or removing the Corolla's catalytic converter is illegal and harms the environment.

Fact 10

Damaged Corolla converters should be properly recycled to recover precious metals.