Midas Auto Repair: A Comprehensive Brand Review

Midas Auto Repair is an iconic auto repair franchise with over 1,200 locations across North America. Founded in 1956, Midas has over 65 years of experience serving drivers needing maintenance, tires, brakes, exhaust work, and other car repairs. With its familiar yellow signage and focus on the basics, Midas builds trust that your vehicle is in competent hands.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Midas Auto Service Experts, including its origins, business model, core offerings, customer reputation, locations, franchise opportunities, strengths and weaknesses in the market, leading competitors, and future direction.

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History and Origins of Midas Auto Repair

Midas Auto Service Experts traces its history back to a single shop founded in Macon, Georgia, in 1956 by Nate Sherman. Sherman was focused on affordably and quickly replacing faulty mufflers. The shop branded itself under a memorable golden arch signage that would soon become synonymous with exhaust service.

The Midas name, likening their technicians’ touch on vehicles to the mythical King Midas who could turn objects to gold, further built the foundations for an iconic brand. Golden touches were added everywhere, reinforcing this branding. By the 1960s, the chain began franchising and expanding nationwide.

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As the Midas network grew to over a hundred locations by the 1970s, the offerings expanded into brake repair, preventative maintenance, and other services to become a full-service repair shop able to fix the most common issues. In 1996, Midas was acquired by European auto conglomerate Groupe PSA. Then, in 2021, Midas was purchased by Roark Capital Group, which continues to drive franchise growth.

Today, with 65+ years in business, the familiar gold and yellow colors make Midas shops easily recognizable. Convenience and reliability make it a popular choice.

Midas Auto Repair Services Offered

Focused initially on quick muffler swaps, Midas has evolved into a full-service mechanical shop performing a wide array of common repairs:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Rotor resurfacing
  • Steering and suspension repairs
  • Battery replacement
  • Oil changes and fluid services
  • Tire sales and mounting
  • General engine repairs
  • Exhaust system replacement
  • Catalytic converter replacements
  • Computerized wheel alignments

Midas technicians receive regular hands-on training to troubleshoot issues across critical vehicle systems accurately. Most common repairs, like an alternator replacement, take less than a day, while larger jobs may require leaving the car overnight.

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Nationwide warranties provide peace of mind on parts and service work. Additional services like custom exhaust upgrades are also available for performance enthusiasts. Overall, Midas aims to provide professional, thorough auto repairs that drivers can trust.

Midas Pricing and Membership Options

Midas focuses on providing straightforward and affordable pricing without trying to upsell customers on unneeded services. Typical oil changes range from $40 – $60. Other sample pricing includes:

  • Tire installation – $20 per tire
  • Front brake pad replacement – $150 per axle
  • Alternator replacement – $550 average per job

Memberships allow customers to save on multiple visits. The national Midas Star Member Plan is $20 monthly, including:

  • 15% off parts and services.
  • Other perks include free wiper blades.
  • Discounts on significant repair bills.

Additionally, Midas provides customized fleet maintenance programs for business owners managing larger groups of vehicles. Tailored pricing applies based on desired servicing schedules and needs. Midas simplifies cost decisions through transparent quotes rather than surprise charges after service completion.

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Customer Service Reputation

With over 1,200 locations, customer service reviews are mixed based on specific store management and staff. Midas locations typically average 3 to 4 stars on websites like Yelp and Google. Many loyal customers highlight receiving reliable, honest, and reasonably priced service for years—praise for knowledgeable technicians and efficient repairs, which are also common.

However, some customers report aggressive upselling attempts by specific locations. Occasionally, work quality issues require fixes or rework at a few shops. However, corporate oversight and enhancement programs aim to make these isolated cases rather than brand-wide problems.

Surveys show North American consumers recognize the Midas brand at a 70% rate. So, the iconic golden arches continue to signal quality maintenance and repairs customers can trust while driving.

Midas’ Major Competitors

As one of the largest general automotive repair chains in the United States, some of Midas’ significant competitors include:

  • Meineke Auto Repair –   A similar national chain providing mechanics services focused on brakes, mufflers, and routine maintenance.
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care – A major tire outlet also offers alignments, shocks, battery replacement, and oil changes.
  • Pep Boys – They offer brake repairs and tire rotations across 800+ stores.
  • Jiffy Lube – Specializes exclusively on preventative maintenance like oil changes and fluid flushes.
  • Independent Shops – Local trusted mechanics provide personalized alternatives.

While other chains have similarly large footprints, Midas competes based on consumer familiarity with its iconic 65+-year-old brand image built on muffler and exhaust system expertise. Its focus stays on providing essential repairs without overcomplicating service choices.

Midas Franchise Ownership Model

Midas locations are independently owned and operated by franchisees building local area businesses. Entrepreneurs can purchase Midas franchises without needing automotive experience. Franchisees rely on corporate support and comprehensive six-week technical, sales, and business training.

Midas corporate thoroughly vets store sites and assists franchisees in location selection and lease execution. Equipment package discounts also help reduce initial investments in hydraulic lifts and electronic diagnostic devices. Ongoing assistance helps launch marketing campaigns, and leverages trusted national branding.

In exchange for the brand image, supply chain, and corporate assistance, Midas collects 8% royalties on gross sales. Overhead costs like inventory and payroll remain franchisee responsibilities. Startup costs total $245K – $465K for new owners to open a location.

The franchise model has facilitated Midas’ growth for decades by allowing hands-on owner-operators to leverage the capabilities of an iconic brand. It will enable driven entrepreneurs to run their auto repair businesses with extensive corporate expertise and training, fueling success at the outset.

SWOT Analysis of Midas Auto Repair

Analyzing Midas’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats provides helpful business context:


  • Strong brand recognition
  • 65+ years of service expertise
  • Widespread convenient locations
  • Comprehensive repair services
  • Consistent training excellence
  • Profitable franchise model


  • Perceived as higher cost vs independents
  • Struggles to attract younger customers
  • Dated facilities at some older locations


  • Further expansion in Europe and China
  • Offer mobile repair subscriptions
  • Modernize shop equipment and amenities
  • Develop ADAS calibration capabilities


  • Lower cost general repair competitors
  • Consumer shifts toward dealership service
  • Rising parts supply costs

This analysis shows Midas retains core brand strengths but must evolve its offerings, refresh locations, and focus aggressively on cost position to stay relevant amidst competition. Progress capturing new opportunities also fuels growth potential.

The Future and Outlook for Midas

Midas appears securely positioned for the immediate future, given its vast size and spending behind recent renovations. However, long-term success relies on continued adaptation and relevance with future generations of drivers.

My priorities for thriving for another 65+ years include further modernizing shops with WiFi lounges and tablets showcasing repairs. As automotive industry trends accelerate, investments must shift towards electric vehicle support capabilities.

Additional opportunities exist in the vehicle accessory market, such as bed liners, lift kits, leveling kits, nerf bars, and tonneau cover installation for trucks and SUVs. Expanding the logo via brand memorabilia and endorsed products also deepens the connection with loyal customers.

It can drive renewed growth and interest if Midas can complement its core offerings with higher margin services while refreshing dated locations. Combining nationwide scale and improved digital experiences gives Midas a path to thriving in the 21st-century automotive repair market. Iconic branding only carries a business so far.

Final Summary on Midas Auto Repair

Midas has demonstrated exceptional staying power in the auto service market for over six decades. Its early foundations providing quick, affordable muffler service parlayed into an entire mechanical repair business on a now iconic brand image.

Thousands of franchisees have succeeded by leveraging the branded signage and customer trust Midas brings along with extensive corporate support and training. While competitive challenges require ongoing evolution, Midas retains key ingredients – convenience, expertise, and history – to satisfy American drivers for 65 more years.

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