RepairSmith – A Comprehensive Company Review

RepairSmith constitutes an automotive service network leveraging mobile mechanics for on-demand repair and maintenance calls. Technicians utilize sophisticated diagnostic tools and parts sourcing to complete everyday jobs like brake pad replacement and battery failure at a customer’s home or office for convenience. This article provides an expansive overview of RepairSmith and its acquisition by automotive retail giant AutoNation.

Background and History of ReapirSmith

Founded in 2018 and based in Los Angeles, RepairSmith aimed to transform outdated auto repair experiences via seamless mobile appointments booked online or by app. The company improved customer convenience by directly dispatching ASE-certified technicians with the necessary tools and parts to complete common repair/maintenance services on-location.

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This approach targeting increasingly busy yet digitally savvy younger generations helped RepairSmith scale quickly to over 100 markets while developing strong Net Promoter Scores showing high customer satisfaction. Positive momentum led to the acquisition by Fortune 500 automotive retailer AutoNation in 2023 in a push toward digital service expansion amid declining brick-and-mortar relevance.

Operational Model

The RepairSmith model eliminates common customer pain points surrounding auto repairs via:

  • Convenience – On-demand bookings and mobile technician arrival remove the need to drop off at shops
  • Transparency – Upfront pricing and notifications at every step prevent surprise charges
  • Quality – Rigorous hiring standards and oversight ensure reliability

Once a customer books a job like an oil change or brake inspection, RepairSmith dispatches a thoroughly vetted technician with all necessary tools and parts in a custom-stocked Mercedes Sprinter. Telematics tracks incoming jobs in real-time to optimize routes, while integrated sourcing allows acquiring special parts same-day if needed.

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Upon arrival, technicians utilize tablets to guide customers through services, providing photos and footage showcasing all work performed. Customers then pay seamlessly via app or web checkout. The process mirrors on-demand convenience services like Instacart grocery delivery by collapsing previous repair obstacles.

Range of Core Services

Certified RepairSmith technicians currently provide a wide range of periodic maintenance and standard mechanical repair services:

  • Maintenance: Oil changes, fluid flushes, new battery installation, air filter replacement
  • Engine Diagnostics: Check engine light testing, fuel injector cleaning
  • Brake Repair: Pad/rotor replacement, brake fluid flush
  • Electrical: Battery testing, alternator replacement
  • Tires: Tire rotation, flat repair, new tire mounting
  • Heating/Cooling: Refrigerant recharge, serpentine belt fix

While capabilities continue expanding into further repairs like emission sensor faults and power window motor issues, the focus remains on tasks customers previously found frustrating, from dropping off at shops to opaque diagnostic explanations. Bringing solutions to a customer’s office parking lot or apartment driveway provides welcomed convenience.

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SWOT Analysis

Analyzing RepairSmith surrounding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats:


  • Convenience and transparency
  • Mobile diagnosis and repair
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Advanced digital booking


  • Limited service range
  • Restricted regional availability
  • Low brand recognition


  • Nationwide expansion
  • Wider repair capabilities
  • AutoNation partnership synergy


  • Market fragmentation
  • Talent recruitment challenges
  • Commoditization of services

Leveraging AutoNation’s scale and reach accelerates growth while the unique model insulates against larger market threats.

Competitor Analysis

Key competitors to RepairSmith include:

National Chains: Franchises like Midas, Meineke, and Pep Boys leverage scale and consolidated buying power but lag mobile convenience.

Independent Shops: Smaller localized garages build customer loyalty through community ties yet need standardized quality assurance and tech capabilities.

Dealerships: Manufacturer retail networks possess wide expertise given factory training programs, but consistency falters amid high turnover while consumer sentiment declines over opaque selling tactics.

On-demand Networks: Competitors like YourMechanic offer similar mobile mechanic access but have been slower expanding into additional repair services and need physical retail infrastructure.

No other network combines RepairSmith’s mobile transparency and convenience with AutoNation’s physical reach and scale – an unmatched pairing in consumer auto services.

AutoNation Partnership Details

In Jan 2023, Fortune 500 automotive retailer AutoNation acquired RepairSmith to anchor digital and service innovation expansion efforts. Key transaction details:

Valuation: $190 million acquisition cost reflecting RepairSmith’s annual revenue run rate exceeding $100 million

Ownership: RepairSmith operates as a distinct brand within AutoNation’s portfolio of new ventures

Expansion: Target launching RepairSmith in over 130 additional markets nationwide by the end of 2023

Leadership: Co-founder Joel Milne remains CEO over daily operations and tech development

The rationale hinged on blending the nation’s largest physical dealership group with the leading mobile repair provider to address the declining relevance of retail showrooms amid consumer shifts online.

RepairSmith Franchise Model

Like AAA, RepairSmith also operates an affiliate franchise model, allowing approved auto shops and mechanic garages to provide co-branded mobile repair under the RepairSmith name and value proposition. This allows scaling on-demand services into new regions through independent operators vetted to meet customer service standards.

By licensing RepairSmith’s tools, training, and software, approved franchisees gain access to the following:

A Turnkey Model: Franchisees avoid the challenging logistics of hiring, stocking, and routing their on-site techs.

Expanded Demand: Customer requests routed from the national RepairSmith platform drive leads to independent shops.

Enhanced Capabilities: Access to RepairSmith’s sourcing and diagnostics bolsters what smaller shops can achieve alone.

In return for new customer demand and operational infrastructure, RepairSmith receives a 20% royalty on all bookings fielded by franchisees while still owning all brand standards and consumer relationships. This asset-light framework facilitates rapid geographic growth mirroring software franchises.

Core Differentiators

Fundamental advantages RepairSmith provides include:

Convenience: Mobile mechanics eliminate customer hassles in reaching acceptable shops.

Transparency: Digital updates and notices prevent opaque repair processes.

Affordability: Competitive, transparent quotes upfront without hidden charges.

Proof: Photos and videos showcase all work performed after job completion.

These tailwinds have pushed customer satisfaction and repeat purchase rates far higher than traditional repair shops chained to fixed retail locations as consumer behaviors rapidly evolve.

Future Outlook and Opportunities

RepairSmith disrupts a historical reliance on mechanics and dealership service centers by collapsing previous customer frustrations – but immense headroom for growth remains by expanding services and availability.

Broader Capabilities: Continuous mechanic training unlocks more complex repair jobs.

Rural Expansion: Logistics advances bring convenience to lower-density regions.

Retail Integration: Showroom partnerships create omni-channel consumer optionality.

House Calls: Appointment scheduling apps optimize routes to eventual at-home services.

AutoNation provides the infrastructure and reach-to-scale innovations, while the ultimate vision sees RepairSmith absorb a larger share of after-warranty vehicle servicing from dealerships lacking convenience.

FAQs On RepairSmith, AKA AutoNation

What Is RepairSmith, and What Services Do They Offer?

RepairSmith is an online platform providing at-home car repair and maintenance services, offering routine maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs for various vehicle makes and models.

How Does RepairSmith’s At-Home Car Repair Service Work?

RepairSmith allows you to schedule car repairs and maintenance services at your home. Certified technicians arrive with fully-equipped vehicles for hassle-free and convenient repairs.

Is RepairSmith Available in My Area?

Service availability varies by region. Check their website or contact customer support to determine if RepairSmith services are offered in your location.

What Types of Vehicles Does RepairSmith Service?

RepairSmith services a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs, with certified technicians experienced in various makes and models.

Can RepairSmith Handle Both Routine Maintenance and Major Repairs?

Yes, RepairSmith offers routine maintenance like oil changes and brake inspections, as well as major repairs such as engine diagnostics and brake replacements.

How Do I Schedule a Service With RepairSmith?

Schedule a service on their website or mobile app by providing vehicle details and service needs. Choose a convenient date and time for a RepairSmith technician to come to you.

Are RepairSmith’s Technicians Certified and Qualified?

Yes, RepairSmith’s certified technicians undergo rigorous training, ensuring expertise in a wide range of automotive repairs and maintenance tasks.

Can RepairSmith Provide a Quote Before the Service?

Yes, RepairSmith offers upfront and transparent pricing. Get a quote during the online booking to understand the cost before confirming the service.

What If I Need More Than the Repair or Service Provided by RepairSmith?

Contact RepairSmith’s customer support with any concerns, as they are committed to customer satisfaction and will address issues to ensure your contentment.

How Does Payment Work With RepairSmith?

Payment is convenient and secure; pay online during the booking process. Transparent pricing includes parts, labor, and taxes.

What Happened With AutoNation and RepairSmith?

AutoNation acquired RepairSmith in January 2023 for $190 million.

Why Did AutoNation Buy RepairSmith?

AutoNation aimed to expand its after-sales business and reach new customers attracted by RepairSmith’s app and service model.

What Does This Mean for RepairSmith Customers?

RepairSmith operates independently but gains access to AutoNation’s resources, potentially leading to more options, lower prices, and wider availability.

What Does This Mean for RepairSmith Mechanics?

Mechanics benefit from more training and support, potentially working on a wider variety of vehicles.

Conclusion & Final Summary

RepairSmith brought on-demand mobile transparency to an antiquated auto repair industry reliant on consumer hassles surrounding drop-offs and wait times. Combining advanced digital booking, vetted technicians, and route optimization technology finally aligned common maintenance and repair services with consumer expectations for delivery conveniences in other sectors.

Now backed by Fortune 500 automotive retail giant AutoNation’s unmatched physical infrastructure yet looking to improve declining relevance in the e-commerce era, RepairSmith’s unique value proposition and high satisfaction scores can scale nationally to recapture lost service share. Blending localized mechanic expertise and national-chain scale perfectly positions RepairSmith’s network to own the future of vehicle repair – one mobile mechanic at a time.

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